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The  LiveOften concept is simple.  You need and want some help—what you don’t need is someone saying you’re sick.  LiveOften is life coaching—in action.  It’s a structured and customizable plan—helping you live better — normally! 


LiveOften life coaches are experts in mental health—something that gives the liveoften clientele added resources to excel. The program is based on the behavioral/social sciences, developed by experts who have graduate degrees, are published authors, who still work in the mental health field, and who have years of experience in helping people thrive.  Life coaching at LiveOften is where clinical expertise and practical common sense intersect.  It’s coaching for life; it’s time limited, and designed to help you excel—long after your program is completed.


Common life coaching plans include: stress and stress management, career strategies and satisfaction, thinking and feeling techniques, dealing with procrastination and planning, using humor versus sentiment, common aids found in nutrition and what can help in exercise, ways to talk to those you care about and ways to talk to those you don’t care about, identifying when/how your focus helps and hurts, harnessing the fight and flight experience where functioning is optimized, building motivation and modifying stagnation, facing successes and facing failures, resisting change and then using it, sleep hygiene and tricks to calm, self care in both rest and exertion, and much more.  Because people are unique—every LiveOften coaching program includes individualized strategies based on indicators from the survey - including specific requests—all provided when you schedule your first appointment.


Living a successful life is about what works.  The LiveOften Life Coaching Program can help!  You can get started, by taking the survey and scheduling your first appointment right now.



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